Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Good Old Day’s

It seems no matter how old you are you can recount “The Good Old Day’s”. For many of us photographers here in Newfoundland we think of the arrival of the behemoths of the sea in the spring. Large icebergs would move down from the arctic via the Labrador Sea staging a grand show. It’s been so long since we’ve seen anything but a few drabs of ice in this part of Newfoundland we now talk as if we’ll never see the big bergs again.

King of the Sea
King of the Sea
…. taken in 1996

A lot of people might think Newfoundland is in the far north however I would like to point out that St John’s is at 47.561485 degrees north latitude, further south than our sister city of Vancouver, further south than Seattle Washington. Our climate is colder than these cities because of the path of the ocean currents. In eastern North America the warmer Gulf Stream from the Gulf of Mexico flows out into the middle of the North Atlantic missing Newfoundland, providing milder temperatures to Western Europe including Britain. London being further north at 51.5171 degrees N.

It’s about to turn April 2012 and there’s a bit of ice around, who knows maybe this will be the year? Maybe?

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! This is not an Iceberg!
ATTENTION! This is not an iceberg!
….  taken March 25, 2012. A friend told me you might call this an iceberg if you were from Toronto. :-)

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