Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Landscape Photographers Guide to Fashion Photography

“A Landscape Photographers Guide to Fashion Photography” is a tongue in cheek title for sure, I have been photographing people as long as I have been a landscape photographer but I think being a landscape photographer helps you bring a different perspective and technique to a fashion photo session.

Brian Carey Photography

Landscape photographers know ambient light. We know how to dig deep and bring it out if we need it. No doubt all the great landscape photographers use a tripod and by doing so can use very slow shutter speeds to draw out as much ambient light as needed. We can use this ambient light as fill when flash is used as the primary light source and we can also use it to soften or feather edges of the main light.

Brian Carey Photography

Also, landscape photographers would be more inclined to an environmental portraiture style of photography. Environmental portraiture is about including a persons surroundings in a shot, the idea is that the environment is a part of and enhances the personality of the subject in the same way as what they wear or how they look does. Joe McNally calls it "a face in a place".

Photography is evolving, it's inspirational and exciting to discuss new ideas and see new work. Thank you for stopping by!