Wednesday, December 9, 2009

An Epiphany of Sorts

My move into digital photography has resulted in a whirlwind of creative ideas and pursuits. Given’ my skill set and photographic gumption I have come to realize that the possibilities for learning and creativity are endless and perhaps most importantly more accessible than ever. Additionally I recently had the good fortune of having some of my preconceived ideas and methods of practice turned completely upside down. Even though I remain happy with the images I created in the past I am really thankful for this! Looking at things differently can only help me be more creative as well as offer additional opportunities.

So what about the epiphany? Well until a few weeks ago I considered my camera to be a tool, a piece of equipment. But after being bitten by the shutterbug for the second time in my life I’ve come to realize that my camera is not just a tool but an instrument. This reflection may be due to my maturity or experience, no matter it is another insight and a welcome one. And I think this insight will help me connect more closely to my photography and my world!

With this instrument I can present this magical world around me in a resonance of my choice. I can capture light, the way I want it to be seen. I can freeze time or stretch it. I can accentuate color. I can enhance or manipulate light. I can capture joy, laughter or sorrow. I can capture life as well as record history. And this is just a beginning!

I can capture the visual rhythm of a seagull seemingly floating in the air, catching the updrafts. Floating in the sky without any noticeable effort, beautiful. But the tempo or atmosphere of the image changes when a bald eagle comes into the picture, catching a few updrafts of his own barely a few meters below.

So the connection between me and my photography has taken on new meaning and I am looking forward to it!

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