Saturday, April 2, 2011


It's a go the first Help-Portrait St John’s is scheduled for December 3, 2011 coinciding with the worldwide event. The 2009 event, the first, involved 3400 photographers, 5000 volunteers, in 42 countries at 543 locations giving away over 41,000 portraits. We are still waiting on 2010 numbers and as expected it was even a bigger event.

The Help-Portrait is about giving to those in need. The comment “Help-Portrait is a gift” is my favorite quote from the 2009 Help-Portrait video.

Help-Portrait can turn someone’s world upside down. Focusing on many who are usually ignored and forgotten in our society, it is they who become the center of attention and are made to feel special. It is a chance for those of us most fortunate to give a little something back to our community.

Imagine the power to make someone feel special. :-)

If you are not familiar with Help-Portrait or want more information this intro video is a great place to start.

Help-Portrait 2010 Intro Video

For more information on Help-Portrait St John’s please click here to visit our blog .

We need volunteers and sponsors. If you could pass this along through your social media that would be a great help. Click here to go to our members Help-Portrait page . The more volunteers we have the greater the success this will be.

Thank You. Looking forward to a most rewarding day!


  1. I just go the 2010 number from Kyle Chowning. In 2010 there were:
    * 61,060 portraits given
    * 3954 photographers
    * 7766 volunteers
    * 46 Countries
    All told, since 2009, the Help-Portrait community has given away 101,596 portraits. And no doubt created a great number of smiles.

  2. The date is December 3rd, 2011. The location the New Hope Community Centre on Springdale St. in downtown St John’s.


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