Saturday, April 9, 2011

With Me Rubber Boots On

Some of the questions I get about my photographs are for the most part about the location of the photograph. Of course I am free with that and will often post it online with the image. I also like to keep the EXIF data attached so people can check out the exposure settings. In addition if anybody has any questions please ask away I’ll be happy to answer.

I managed to get these shots using what I think is one of my top photography accessories, my rubber boots. One example of using these boots is "Still Waters at Forest Pond". By wearing these boots I was able to get the perspective I wanted. These boots allowed me to enter the water, move up to the dory and get into the position I needed.


Still Waters at Forest Pond

Still Waters at Forest Pond

In the case of the eagle, I needed my boots to enable me to get into position to get the good light. I was able to walk out into the water and photograph the bird, having the sun rising over my shoulder bathing the eagle with a warm beautiful light. Without these boots I would have shot the eagle from the shore where the it would be backlit. I was able to “put” the light where I wanted.


Sunrise in a Eagles Eye

Sunrise in a Eagles Eye

When I’m out and about shooting on wet terrain my rubber boots may be my number one photography accessory. Without these boots I could not have gotten these images. They allowed me to position my camera where the light was best and help me achieve the composition and perspective I wanted.

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