Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wedding Photography

When I decided to get back into Wedding Photography last year I did so after considerable thought. I had been doing wedding photography before and had to give it up for a while because of other commitments so I had the experience to know it is very demanding.


In my opinion a GOOD wedding photographer has to be very knowledgeable in the craft, very knowledgeable. He/She has to be able to go from set to set, location to location and immediately set up the composition by positioning the people in the shot and light it creatively.

Michelle and Randy 1

Unfortunately not all wedding photographer see it this way. Often wedding photography is approached casually and often time’s beginners think you need a camera, a flash and away you go. Using techniques like on-camera flash is a sure recipe for mediocre or poor photography. Another important issue is not only the quality of equipment but also the quantity. Recently I know of one wedding day where things went terribly wrong. The photographer only had one camera and it failed and they were not able to get another to finish up the day. It’s easy to feel bad for the wedding couple but it’s something people should be aware of. Caveat emptor!


My approach is to make artistic, elegant images. I’m not using this as a tagline. I truly want to make images that are artistic and elegant. So wedding photography might be hard work but it’s also an opportunity for me to create beautiful work. It’s a magnificent creative outlet.

Michelle and Randy 3

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    You have great shots on the photos. Keep it up!


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