Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chasing Rainbows

Perhaps one of my favorite pleasures of practicing photography is that it helps connect me with my world, it teaches me to appreciate it more. Because of it I’ve learned so much about nature; much more than I would have otherwise. As the eminent physicist Richard Feynman called it the “Inconceivable nature of nature”. It is often inspiring to experience nature’s wonders.

I’ve been going through my old photography magazines from the ’80’s and ’90’s recently. Like so many of us these days my house is becoming more and more cluttered and I have to do something about it and I was wondering if these magazines had any more use, which leads me to this.

My enjoyment of photography and nature is not the only reason I enjoyed the work of the late Galen Rowell, I also appreciated his insights. The April 1991 edition of Outdoor Photographer is one example.

Prophetic Rays

Galen writes about rainbows and points out that rainbows form as “Arcs with a radius of 42 degrees around the anti-solar point appear directly opposite the sun”. I know I read this article back in 1991 but I think this time the point made will stick with me.

So if your out during a light shower or sprinkle of rain on an otherwise sunny day look in the direction opposite the sun and if the conditions are right you’ll be able to enjoy the “Inconceivable nature of nature”.

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