Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Life

I usually don’t enter photography competitions for a few reasons. Whether you like something or not is a relative subjective thing, it's personal and basing the value of something on the opinions of others can take the enjoyment out of photography. But I can’t deny the benefits of the major competitions. There is a business side to “success” in the field and winning one of these can certainly help with that. Oh how I admire people who only do things solely for the love of it! Kudos to you!

Are far as competitions go the One Life International Photography Competition is one I couldn’t pass up. I decided to enter two images “Cabot Tower Drive” and “Heading out this Morning” (taken at Petty Harbour Newfoundland).

Cabot Tower Drive
Cabot Tower Drive

Winning one of the major competitions can be a great boost to ones artistic career. Aside from the prize money it would open doors and perhaps allow one to move beyond their dreams.

Please click here to view my entries.

Heading out this Morning
Heading out this Morning

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