Sunday, August 28, 2011

Creative Exposure

Sometimes it’s not a matter of where or when you take a shot but it’s simply a matter of exposure. As amazing as our eye’s are you can create images beyond your eye’s capacity to see it. The flexibility of variable iso’s on digital cameras has launched many new creative possibilities.

Take for example..........

"Moonlight Over Motion Bay"

Moonlight Over Motion Bay

Here a near full moon provides all the luminance needed. Being able to take photographs under these conditions is one thing I love about digital, it provides avenues of creativity film never could. But lets look farther into the heavens………….

"Heaven’s Gate"

Heavens Gate

I have had this image in my head for years but I had one problem trying to create it. The issue was, “how do I control the ambient light”? Of course you use shutter speed to control ambient light but if I left my shutter open for an hour or so the city lights would blow out most of the frame. I only became aware of the possibilities of image stacking when I started studying Time lapse photography this year. With this technique I could control the ambient light by breaking it down into multiple images. I had been aware of image stacking for years but never understood this aspect of it, until now!

Where is the best place to photograph? The question usually is “I’m going to “such and such a place,” where’s the best place to get a great shot”? My answer used to be more of a matter of “when will you be there”. I mean light is the answer of course, but lets stretch this a bit, exposure is what matters! I mean how you expose, exposure in itself s a creative license.

After all I am a “Chase the Light” kind of guy, but sometimes it’s a matter of exposure, creative exposure.

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