Friday, November 25, 2011

Yuri Arcurs

I thought I’d write a few blog post’s about photographers who have influenced me over the years. Of course it is their great photography which attracted me to them and fortunately they are often willing to share their techniques and ideas. One of these photographers is Yuri Arcurs who is at the top of his game as the number one stock photographer in the world. One thing that has helped Yuri achieve this success is his attention to detail. He studies, analyses and determines the best method to achieve the highest quality images.

For example, Yuri doesn’t mind saying for certain that you cannot take a sharp portrait handheld, you just can’t do it. He goes on to say that if you’re getting sharp images shooting free hand “your lucky” and that you will increase your percentage of sharp images using a monopod. Actually with some of the portrait work I’ve been doing recently, where I need slow shutter speeds to soak up as much ambient light as possible, I needed a tripod.

Another thing Yuri talks about is what might at first seem like a very simple idea, pressing the shutter button. I hadn’t given this much thought in the past but it was easy to see how you could refine this action to minimize camera movement.

The technique is simple; you move only your forefinger. People, me included, tend to squeeze their hand, creating a slight jerking motion. Anybody into target shooting will know what I’m talking about and probably have practiced this technique to reduce rifle movement to improve their marksmanship.

It’s so great to come across someone who talks about these refinements; there are a lot of great photographers out there and there is always something to learn.

Check out Yuri’s website where he shares many of his thoughts on photography.

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