Monday, February 6, 2012

Lightroom 4

One of the most exciting changes introduced in Lightroom 4 is the ability to “selectively” apply white balance, noise reduction and a variety of other adjustments to a image. That is, the adjustment no longer has to be applied globally but can be localized using the adjustment brush.

Take for example:


The ability to make selective adjustments is great when you are in an environment with multiple light sources of different color temperatures. If I wanted, I could use the adjustment brush to apply a daylight color temperature, shifting the warm light on her right side (from a street light) to a daylight color temperature. Balancing the light more to the flash used as the main light source.

Often the exposure on night and twilight landscape images can be very contrasty and beyond the capabilities of any cameras sensor. Using Lightroom 4 we will be able to apply noise reduction to the shadow areas only. We will no longer have to apply it to the whole image affecting the over all image quality.

Moonlights End

This is a great example where I could selectively adjust the color temperature of the light on the ship (it is lit by a street light) and apply noise reduction where I need it, in the shadows on the rocks.

Among other things you will find in Lightroom 4 are improved chromatic aberration correction, important to users of wide angle lenses, and a new processing engine.

If you would like to download the beta version of Lightroom 4 click here. And if you got any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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