Monday, April 23, 2012

Hope You Enjoy the Sunrise

Sunrises are like snowflakes no two are alike. But what might be surprising is that this is not only a day to day observation for a sunrise will change dramatically from one minute to the next, for example …

Below are 5 photo’s taken yesterday over a 14 minute period at Cape Spear Newfoundland, each unique in its own way. Hope you enjoy the sunrise!

Cape Spear Sunrise 5:51am Cape Spear St John's Newfoundland Photography

Cape Spear Sunrise 5:53 am Cape Spear St John's Newfoundland Photography

Cape Spear Sunrise 5:55am Cape Spear St John's Newfoundland Photography

Cape Spear Sunrise 6:00am Cape Spear St John's Newfoundland Photography

Cape Spear Sunrise 6:05am Cape Spear St John's Newfoundland Photography

With each sunrise we begin a new day, with new opportunities.

I don’t know if anyone ever said it better than the Philosopher King, Marcus Aurelius. “When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love”.

Hope you enjoyed the sunrise! :-)

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  1. 6:00 Am is my Favourite... :)
    Kellie JOYce

  2. Yeah I'm partial to 5:51am, can't get over that yellow!

  3. I'm going with 5:55am, love the pink and yellow mix, just a lovely blend, but mostly the pink star in the ocean.

  4. Up until I recently became interested in photography, I thought... sunrise/sunset,it's all alike. However, each one can uniquely display its own wonders in a timely manner through the lens of a camera, one just needs the patience to sit and wait for the show to begin. Great shots once again Brian!

  5. 5:53 for me, Brian.. It was such a wonderful moment to watch sunrise. I watched it the past weekend in Elliston, near Bonavista... Magical.... Really have a hard time to know what is the best outcome sometimes... Depending what theme or emphasis one has in mind.. is ALL GOOD!!!

  6. Brian:

    I have to say I like the 5:53 photo the best, they are all fantastic, but the colors in that one to me are super. You did a fantastic job, please don't stop posting on your home page.
    I am going to be in contact with you in the near future, love to have a chat.

    Take Care

  7. wow your pictures are amazing!! i absolutely love newfoundland scenery!

  8. They're all great photos Brian. Prefer the 5:53 one.

  9. Super Job !! I like 5:53

  10. Just amazing. Makes me more than a little homesick.


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