Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dad’s Dory

I was looking forward to photographing "Dad’s Dory" again this year. I started photographing it back in 2009 and I found that by going back I was beginning to appreciate the challenge of coming up with something different. Among other things I was delighted to find that the light was never the same, it was a learning experience for sure.

Still Waters at Forest Pond Still Waters at Forest Pond

I asked my buddy Leo about “Dad’s Dory” and he reported “the bottom’s gone right out of ‘er”! It looks like it won’t see the water ever again. As we say in these parts, “she’s gone b’y”! The dory is a banks dory and is about 50 years old, his Dad used to own it.

Dad’s Dory Dads Dory

He is looking for a dory to replace it, would anyone know where he might get one? I should add we are in St John’s Newfoundland. When we get one we’ll put it in Forest Pond and Leo will look after it. I’ll be sure to take some photographs and post them here

Floating on Clouds Floating on Clouds

C'est la vie.

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  1. At 50 years old, it would be such a shame to let it rot away. Drop up to the local saw mill and get some dory plank sawn, a few timbers, some dory buff yellow paint, plus a little time, and your back in business! Like the sky and reflections in "Floating on Clouds"

  2. Thanks Dion, I haven't seen it myself but Leo's a very good craftsman so it must be in pretty bad shape it he put it that way. But it would be great to save it for sure. Thanks for your advice!

  3. More than images the captions of them are more amazing and well written


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