Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top Ten Places to Photograph in St John’s Newfoundland

One thing I truly love about the internet and social media is how it connects people from all over the world. Through those contacts I often get asked about Newfoundland and many people enjoy the images they've seen and want to visit often to take some photos of their own.

I’m a native of St John’s and have spent most of my life here. During that time I've photographed the area extensively and enjoy capturing its history and character. Speaking from experience here is my list of the top ten places to photograph in the St John’s area.

1. Cabot Tower / Signal Hill 

Cabot Tower, Signal Hill is a photographer’s paradise offering a great view of the city and excellent walking trails providing you with countless vantage points.

1. Admiring Amherst

Fort Amherst and the entrance to St John's harbour, The Narrows" offer an abundance of photo ops. You can take the wonderful NorthHead Trail to get you there!

Fort Amherst St John's Newfoundland

 2. Cape Spear 

Ah, the most easterly point in Canada, truly Canada’s Far East. I have photographed here every hour of the day throughout the years. Photo opportunities abound, it’s an amazing place. For example just last year during my "Cape Spear Night Photography Workshop" we could hear the whales spout as we photographed the stars, how cool is that!

You will find great walking trails at Cape Spear, miraculous sunrises and revitalizing North Atlantic fresh air! So you’re bound to get some great photographs and after a few breaths of that great fresh air your lungs will love you! :-)

North Atlantic Sunrise Cape Spear St John's Newfoundland Photography

3. Bowring Park 

Bowring Park is one of the cities jewels. It offers countless photographic opportunities throughout the park and along it nestled walking trails. Autumn is especially colourful here.

Fall at Bowring Park Bowring Park St John's Newfoundland Photography

4. On the Waterfront 

St John’s has a small harbour and offers numerous photographic opportunities from the north or south side.

St John's Harbour pano
 St John's Newfoundland Photography

5. Downtown 

You’ll find lots of photo opportunities downtown, from the world famous colourful row houses to the unique characters and buskers who frequent there.

Kimberly Row

6. The Rooms 

The viewing deck allows a great view of the city, a lovely high vantage point. Best light to photograph the city is in the afternoon.

View from the Rooms St John's Newfoundland Photography

7. Petty Harbour 

It’s so nice to have a quaint little fishing village in the area. It offers what you would expect from a Newfoundland fishing village as well as some miraculous sunrises. Oh and chances are there are otters watching you, they’ll see you before you see them but keep your eyes open and you may get a good shot of them.

Petty Harbour Petty Harbour Newfoundland Photography

8. Quidi Vidi Lake 

A lovely lake with a popular walking trail and there are bald eagles, hawks and otters in the area year round. If you want a chance to photograph either you have to be patient and keep a sharp eye. Best times to sight these animals would be early morning.

The Scrap at the Lake

9. Quidi Vidi Village 

A little fishing village that became a part of St John’s many years ago.

Calm After the Storm
St John's Newfoundland Photography

10. The War Memorial 

 The War Memorial is Newfoundland’s shrine and is in a part of the city blossoming with colour and character.

The War Memorial
 St John's Newfoundland Photography

I’ve got lots more on my website if you'd like to see them, click here to have a look. And if you have any questions please feel free to post here and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for stopping by! These are my ten places; do you have any you would like to share?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Online Photography Courses

I’ve had many requests from people inquiring about various forms of photography training and I’ve decided to offer online photography courses. These days it’s amazing to see so many people out enjoying photography and having fun. Personally, I love being out taking and making photos and it’s been a great experience seeing my images improve over the years.

With these courses I hope to help you get more out of your camera by exploring various ways to improve your images. Each assignment will be followed by a private critique along with three suggestions, personally tailored to help you improve your photography. No doubt creating better images increases the enjoyment you get out of photography and adds to the fun.

Bidgoods Park Bidgoods Park

You can register using the payment method below. Upon registering you will be emailed a assignment list from which you can choose. If you have any questions please post them below. Looking forward to seeing you evolve and improve as a photographer.

Course 1 - $99 + HST 
A choice of 4 photography assignments each followed by a personal critique with 3 suggestions on how to improve your photography. You have 6 months to complete the assignments.

Course 2 - $129 + HST 
A choice of 6 photography assignments each followed by a personal critique with 3 suggestions on how to improve your photography. You have 6 months to complete the assignments.

Thanks for stopping by!