Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Latest Autumn Ever

I always look forward to fall photography. In my area, the northeast Avalon peninsula of Newfoundland, the autumn colours go on display during the month of October and are usually gone by the months end.

Fall at Bowring Park St John's Newfoundland Photography

This year it's different and in the second week of November there are areas around, by rivers, which are still in bloom. I shot these photographs in early November, technically the second week of the month. After posting on facebook one local lady replied “My roses are blooming for the fourth time this year!! Who would have thought in Nfld in November”!!

Fall at Bowring Park St John's Newfoundland Photography

Because of greenhouse gas arctic ice is disappearing and global temperatures continue to rise and you have to wonder what are we leaving to our children and grandchildren?

Maybe there is somthing we can do. A little more recycling perhaps. By walking to the store instead of driving, your helping the environment and your health. We could empower ourselves in many ways as well as call upon our political leaders for action.

Do it for our children and grandchildren.

Thank you for stoppping by!

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