Thursday, January 10, 2013

Newfoundland Virtual

I've decided to bring back my old website Newfoundland Virtual. Newfoundland Virtual was the website name I went under beginning back in the 1990's which featured my on-line photography portfolio. Thanks to the Wayback Machine you can click here to look at a snap shot of the site, in 1997 or 2001. It looks as if all the images were not cached by Wayback Machine but you'll get an idea of what it looked like.

When I decided to bring my photography back to the web a few years ago, in order to make my work more personable, I decided to re-brand as Brian Carey Photography. Over that time I've found a major portion of my business evolved around licensing stock photography locally, nationally and internationally. Because of this I recently decided to bring back Newfoundland Virtual as stock photography website.

St John's Newfoundland Stock Photography
Explore Bell Island

While most of the images were taken in Newfoundland you will find a large number of photos suitable to many geographic locations. We presently have about 1,000 images on the site and will be adding more as time goes on.

If you are looking to license stock images please check us out by clicking this link. You can select a gallery and browse or use the gallery search tool and search by keyword(s). If you have any questions, need information or would like to see something included please feel free to contact me via this blog or by using the contact form on the Newfoundland Virtual site, I'll be sure to get back to you!

Thank You for stopping by.

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