Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter’s Beauty

In recent years many a winter has gone by where we’ve seen very little of what makes a beautiful winters day, a snowfall so pristine, white and brilliant it can dazzle the senses.

Few are the massive snow-falls we once had and these days winters snow will often turn into rain. When we do get a good snowfall it’s a treat to be able to get out and photograph it and thankfully last weekend I had the opportunity. And having great light to accompany the pristine snow is a landscape photographer’s delight.

Bowring Park St John's Newfoundland Photography
Saturday in the Park

Such are recent winters on the northeast Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland however in many areas of the island this cycle of snow to rain is not the norm. Places like Gander, Grand Falls and Corner Brook have proper winters with lots of snow. These are great areas if you enjoy winter hiking, snowmobiling or skiing. Not to mention the Northern Peninsula and Labrador, surely both areas are a paradise for a winter adventurer.

BTW "Saturday in the Park" was taken at Bowring Park in St John's Newfoundland Canada.

Hope you enjoy the photography and thank you for stopping by.


  1. I love the snow. I love winter so much since I don't get to have that from where I'm staying. I also adore these sorts of photographs capturing this beautiful scenery of a Park in Canada. My Canadian friends say that a lot of people go sad during the winter their, but I think anyone can make the most out of the snow. I went to Canada once for the holidays and I took a lot of picture similar to this one. And yes, I bought a camera just for that. This is where I discovered my photography skills. I didn't know I had it until I took amazing photos of the winter season.

    1. That is a real nice story Imogen, thank you for sharing it!


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