Saturday, February 9, 2013

Top 5 places for Night Photography in St John's Newfoundland

As a photographer one important thing I've come to learn is that when equipment is convenient to use there is a higher likelihood I will use it. It's all relative and things have to be practical to the job at hand. I have lots of cool gadgets but if they are hard to set up or difficult to carry I am less likely to use them. It's about work-flow.

The same goes for location shooting. The best locations, the ones you will most likely use and rely on are usually easy to get to and convenient. For sure exotic locations are fabulous but for repeated visits a drive of an hour or less is a bonus.

With this in mind it's not surprising that my top 5 places for night photography in the St John's area are not far from where I live, here they are .............

Cape Spear

What a location. The most easterly point in Canada and as you look east you can see nothing but open ocean, the only light pollution will be from aircraft and ships if they are in the area. If you look north you will see St John's, the light from the city will cloud the night sky. With this in mind, one way to control this “ambient” light is through image stacking as I did with “Heavens Gate at Cape Spear”.

Cape Spear Newfoundland Photography
Heavens Gate at Cape Spear

Signal Hill

It's a challenge to do any night photography here because of the glow of the city lights, traffic etc. However you can use the lighting from moving traffic to enhance your images.

St John's Newfoundland Photography
Riding the Light at Cabot Tower Drive

Bidgoods Park in Goulds

This must be a surprise but it's a great location for night photography. The only part of the sky with any light pollution is unfortunately the north sky but the view is quite good east, west and south.

St John's Newfoundland Photography
Journey to Jupiter

The Harbour Front

There are many great areas to take night photos around our small harbour. You can photograph the Battery from across the narrows or the city from the southside as I did here.

St John's Newfoundland Photography
Kruzenshtern at St John's Newfoundland


This image was taken on a section of the East Coast Trail in the community of Flatrock just minutes from St John's. If you want to find one of the best places in the world to photograph the night sky then the East Coast Trail is an idea location, of course the more remote the better.

Flatrock Newfoundland Photography
Twilight at Flatrock Falls

I know there are many more, I guess I got to get out more :-) Do you have a favorite place for night photography?

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