Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Little Planet

I've always had a deep admiration for the fun side of photography. Certainly the creative side is a wonder unto itself and there are also so many other aspects to like about the craft but having fun is special. Fortunately sometimes the two overlap and are more or less the same. Just having fun with images is a refreshing approach, allowing you to create a new perspective and simply enjoy your images. No magic formula, if you like it do it!

That's how I felt about the Little Planet style of images. They're easy to create, all you got to do is open an image in Photoshop (this might work in other software if it has a Polar Coordinates or similar filter) and.......

Start with a photo, a pano image is best, I call this one Signal Hill 360

Cabot Tower Signal Hill St John's Newfoundland
Signal Hill 360

  1. Select image, image size and square the size of the image.
  2. Rotate 180 degrees.
  3. Select Filter, Distort, Polar Coordinates. That's it.

St John's Newfoundland Photography
My Little Planet

The resulting images are often pretty cool. Give it a try and have some fun and thank you for stopping by.