Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Jailway

St John's has a new walking trail it's called the "The Jailway". Actually it's not new it's a part of the Grand Concourse Trail running throughout the city. "The Jailway" gets it's name from the new fence the city and port authority decided to erect along Harbour Drive in downtown St John's Newfoundland.

We call it "The Jailway" because it offers the view one would expect from inside a prison cell. 
St John's Newfoundland Photography

The fence is about 8 foot or 2 1/2 meters tall and is designed to keep out terrorists and to keep residents safe from the perils of dockside activity. Both hazards are clearly evident in the photo below. :-)

St John's Newfoundland Photography

For old times sake, before and after photos

St John's Newfoundland Photography

St John's Newfoundland Photography

Not only have they taken what was once a pleasurable walking area for many locals and tourist they have also taken away a most pleasurable view we had from the sidewalk! Thank You City Hall, Thank You St John's Port Authority. Have a nice day.

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