Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's Not Just A Project, It's A Story!

“Newfoundland and Labrador - Our National Parks” is a  Kickstarter project focused on photographing Newfoundland and Labrador's National Parks: Gros Morne, Terra Nova and Torngat Mountains National Parks.

Canada has an amazing national park system and I have visited many of them in the past. I have been to both parks on the island and, while I have been to northern Labrador, I have not yet been to Torngat Mountains National Park. To be able to dedicate several weeks to photograph these parks is a landscape photographers dream, my dream.

There are various rewards associated with contributions including being named as a contributor and receiving copies of the ebook and a signed copy of a limited edition book. As well a print and private photography lessons provided by yours truly are available as contributor awards!

A successful kickstarter launch will allow me to donate more time and resources to my photography than ever before and with your support as a contributor I hope to bring these images to you and the world.

Please follow this link to the Kickstarter page for all the details!

Please share this project with your family, friends and on your social networks. The more people that know about it the better chance it has of succeeding.

I've learned so much over the years and enjoy photography so much I'm pretty sure my best work is still ahead of me. Become a part of it!

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions at

Thank You!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Human Condition

Four years ago when I decided to write this blog I was rewarded a certain amount of reflection which caused me to give some thought into my photography, especially my personal photography projects. I began to ask myself, what exactly was it I wanted to do with my photography? What was I trying to achieve? Was I just trying to create another pretty picture?

 I'd done many types of photography over the years and have always found landscape photography to be my "happy place", it's where I go to enjoy the moment, to hold hands with my surroundings. Landscape photography helps me connect which is worthwhile but there was something missing.

I have a deep admiration and respect for the work of Frank Capa, SebastiĆ£o Salgado and Steve McCurry and in comparison my work felt empty, I began to think about adding a more personal dimension to my photography. I decided I wanted to draw upon a deeper emotion and speak of the human condition!

St John's Newfoundland photography, photographerSt John's Newfoundland photography, photographer

St John's Newfoundland photography, photographer
St John's Newfoundland photography, photographer
St John's Newfoundland photography
St John's Newfoundland photography, photographer
The Guiding Light
The eyes have it!

I think that this insight has helped me expand my outlook, strip away some superficiality and allowed me to become a better person and photographer. The human story may not be pretty but it's a most important one to be told.

For my complete "City Life" gallery follow this link.

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