Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Evolution of a Smile

As I continue to spend time and meet people while working on my street photography project I've had to increasingly reflect as the work unfolded. I was photographing people from all walks of life including those of us who are often overlooked and sometimes discarded by society. Many of these people have had a difficult life which may be due to substance addiction, mental illness or some other misfortune. 

With this reflection in mind I decided I wasn't going to necessarily photograph people in their environment instead I wanted to take portraits which would raise them up with a sense of dignity and pride. I wanted to make portraits they would be proud of and people would want to see. I want to show that we are all the same.



This first portrait of Donnie which I'd taken in January is perhaps my favorite photo of 2014. As you can tell from the expression on his face he didn't know what to think when I asked if I could take his portrait. But he came around.

Street portrait by Brian Carey St John's Newfoundland
Donnie January 2014
One corner...
Street portrait by Brian Carey, St John's Newfoundland
Donnie March 2014

Both corners...
Street portrait by Brian Carey, St John's Newfoundland
Donnie April 2014

Every time I asked Donnie if I could take his picture his grin got bigger and bigger. Makes me smile a little bigger too! :-)

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