Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Photography, A Personal Journey

Just completed my third photography presentation, the latest was at the St John's Newfoundland Positive Thinkers Club it's called "Photography, A Personal Journey".

The presentation is about how the focus of my photography has changed and how I've changed over the last several years. Over that time I have photographed more than 800 people from all walks of life for my street photography project which is featured on my website Chasing The Light Fantastic. A substantial selection of those are from what you might call the fringes of society and it may surprise some people to hear what I have have to say about that experience. No matter if your surprised or not I think you will be inspired!

At times I will give people a copy of their portrait, I like to do it as a gesture of kindness and as a token of thanks! I should say often the photo ends up with their mother.

The presentation is loaded with "sweetness" you might say!

Brian Carey St John's Newfoundland photographer
The Happy Campers

Above is a small sample of the people I've photographed downtown.

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