Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Danica and Matt

For the last several years my motto has been "Creativity, Innovation and Photographic Excellence" and I mean it. I work hard at what I do, use some of the best equipment out there and have decades of photography experience.

Every image I take is important to me! Just think how I would feel if that photo was the best I'd ever taken, I would be more than delighted! When it comes to wedding photography, lets reach for the stars. To say it another way, if you look good I look good. It's win win for both of us.

While having a experienced photographer with professional equipment is important for great wedding photography the key lies in our ability to have fun. Certainly that's what I want you to do, have fun and enjoy your wonderful day and leave the photography up to me. It is your very special day and your chance to shine!

Thank you for stopping by.