Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Eyes Have It

Eight Years ago when I started my street photography project I began by focusing on certain demographics of people, one I did not include were young women.

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Why? For one, a great percentage of photography already out there was focused on young women and I wanted to stay away from that bandwagon.  There is so much in fact that an argument can be made for exploitation! That's a story for another time perhaps! Two, I wasn't comfortable at the time approaching young women I didn't know and asking to take their portrait. I was afraid they might take it as something it wasn't and I would make them uncomfortable. When taking these portraits I'm not interested in making anyone feel nervous. I want people to be relaxed and enjoy the moment, in a way this project has become a celebration of life!

Copyright Brian Carey St John's newfoundland,

There is a reason why I changed my mind. I had seen some young women pass me by obviously engulfed in the complexities of life and I began to see all people in that light. We all have our struggles, we are so much alike. Also as I took more portraits I began to see each face as a unique landscape, their eyes being the sunrise of their soul!

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I have developed an open and public approach to this work and over the years people who know of it have become familiar with me and that's a help. If I might indulge a bit I have earned their trust. I think their eyes tell that story.

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People go away thankful that I took the time to talk to them and had a little interest in them. To tell you the truth I feel the same way! Thank you everyone!

And thank you for stopping by! :-)

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