Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Great Newfoundland Iceberg Hunt 2016

Spring is the time for icebergs in Newfoundland and while their number and sizes are nowhere near what we used to see a generation or two ago there can be some good viewing along the Newfoundland coast when they make their journey down south. April and May month usually offer the best viewing in Newfoundland and the Northern Peninsula and the Northeast Coast offers the greatest abundance of these magnificent sites but often the Northeast Avalon and St John’s areas display a good selection too!

Following are some photos of an iceberg that made it to Useless Bay and Bay Bulls, just outside St John's this May. This is one iceberg, amazing how different it can change from day to day. I should add that's it's amazing how something that has been around for thousands of years can disappear so quickly. Check out the dates on the photos!

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May 24 2016
Gatheralls Burg
Gatheralls Burg
This is Newfoundland by Brian Carey
This is Newfoundland
May 27 2016
Iceberg and West Hercules Oil Rig in Bay Bulls Harbour by Brian Carey
Iceberg and West Hercules Oil Rig in Bay Bulls Harbour

You can use websites like Iceberg Finder to get an idea as to the amount of icebergs around. Personal experience has shown, as well as from talking to others, that sites location accuracy is not very good but by following local photographers on social media you should be able to keep up to date. FYI here are links to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, be sure to follow me!

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