Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Business Excellence Awards

I've been doing more and more event photography over the last few years and I like it very much.

Event photography is like a lot of other professions and with experience you find your groove.  Through experience you learn lens selection and proper exposure. Yes setting camera exposure can be a little tricky because of the contrasty light, you gotta be careful not to blow out those highlights because that's usually where the action is.

A shot list is a must and arriving early to be able to take some time to scope out the venue is very important. You have to do this because when the show is on the house-lights are dimmed it's best to pre-plan your route so you know how to get around. You also got to know where the video cameras are placed so you won't interfere with those. It's all a matter of professional etiquette and respect is a mutual thing.

Going over the details of the event with the client is vital too. Good thing about this is that I've done so many now I'm able to offer advice on where people should be on stage when doing things like making presentations. This makes the show more visible for the audience and it also makes my work easier and I end up delivering the best product possible to my client!

Following are a series of photos for the St John's Board of Trade 25th Annual Business Excellence Awards December 6th 2017.

St John's Board of Trade 25th Annual Business Excellence Awards
St John's Board of Trade 25th Annual Business Excellence Awards

     Innovative Solutions Award - Fonemed.                       Entrepreneurial Spirit Award - Borrowed & Blu 

Community Impact (Under 20 Employees) – Sequence Bio

Community Builder Volunteer of the Year – Dr. Andrew Furey

Spirit of Newfoundland receiving the 

Workplace Excellence –  Anaconda Mining Inc
Customer Service and Reliability Award - Murray Premises

Title Sponsor for the 2017 Business Excellence Awards was RBC.

You can find a gallery of the winners and event on the St John's Board of Trade website here.

All of this and I get to work with and listen to some of the most amazing and inspiring people. Look forward to doing more of this!

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