Thursday, May 5, 2022

St John's Waltz

As a Newfoundland photographer and one who grew up in St John's I am a big fan of Ron Hynes and others who worked with him. I used to love going to see him perform around St John's and would often go see him when he was with Wonderful Grand Band and enjoy their fusion of Irish Newfoundland music and comedy. When they were on the go they were the biggest Newfoundland attraction around.

"St John's Waltz"

My favourite song of his was "St John's Waltz". For me it had sentimental meanings because I grew up there and lived there most of my life. I got the idea to create my version of "St John's Waltz" one evening when I was out for a walk. Seems to be the time I get many of my creative ideas. I took Ron's portrait back in 2014 one day when I was out doing my street photography where I often do headshot pictures.

"St John's Waltz" is a mosaic of a portrait I had taken of Ron and 100 photos of the city we both love. I have been doing photography in Newfoundland for many years and had a good collection of photos to choose from to complete the mosaic.

Here is a link to the photo on my website, please click here to view the work larger. 

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