Monday, November 28, 2022

Fine Art Business Portraits

I usually recommend hi-key portraits with a white backdrop to clients for business portraits and headshots. There are a few reasons for that. You'll get a clean, attractive look with a nice soft light and white can go with any color palette on a website or in print; in a magazine or on a poster for example. It's a very flexible and adaptable color.

Fine Art Business Portraits

But sometimes people want something different and ask for canvas and of course I'm happy to oblige. I usually think of portraits on canvas as a kind of fine art kind of look somewhat artistic. But it can go very well

Fine Art Business Portraits

Something to consider if you are considering this. Look at the colors of your brand, office or what ever you like and coordinate the headshot and portrait background along with that. That should make everything come together and  suit you needs best.

If you'd like to see more of my headshot portrait work follow this link, And if your looking for an experienced photographer who is committed to delivering to you the best possible content please give me a call. My # is (709) 769 7990 or email:

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